TSX Volunteers: Rules and Regulations

TSX is always looking for volunteers. Volunteering is a great opportunity for those who have already learned their steps to have a chance to practise and refine their skills. In participating in a previously-taken course, many will find details and tips they may have overlooked the first time.

1. Only TSX Students are eligible to volunteer and only for courses which they have already completed.

2. Volunteer positions are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

3. All volunteers must commit to attend all scheduled classes of the chosen session. In case of an absence due to unforeseen circumstances, please advise TSX as soon as possible so a replacement might be arranged.

4. Punctuality is an expected courtesy for the benefit of enrolled students.

5. Volunteers will be required to be active during the class at all times. Even during a demo, volunteers must remain standing near, or in front of, their respective partner ready to execute the required movements.

6. Volunteers should not give any instructions to any students unless requested by the student. Please keep in mind that students learn at different paces and may feel intimidated if hovered upon by a volunteer.

7. Please be mindful of comments/statements made in class. Each individual learns at their own pace and an off-hand remark can be misconstrued to be discouraging or even offensive, resulting in a negative learning experience. Volunteers are a facet of TSX and as such, should conduct themselves with respect and integrity.


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